Advive allows you to see exactly where your traffic is coming from.
Stop allowing publishers to hide what they are really sending you!

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Making accurate ad serving decisions based on the actual page an impression is served will largely depend on the level of transparency the server is able to get.


Next to domain level white and black listing Advive also offers page level categorization across the full Alexa global 1 Million most popular websites.

Brand Safety

Whether you run on a white or black list and even if you have manually vetted the sites you are targeting; you always need to have your back covered.

Site List Management

The Advive platform is designed to be a central place where you can upload site lists, easily vet and categorize sites and manage all your sites in a central database.
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Why Advive

Advive offers a new and exciting platform which will increase the yield of your publisher network and will increase the quality of the inventory through increased brand safety. Advive will increase your bottom line through:

  • Automatic page level categorization to increase selling prices of high value pages.
  • Protect against non-brand safe inventory and fraud so advertisers will spend more on your trusted inventory.
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